Garage door repair Fullerton

Garage Door Repair Fullerton

When you need help with a garage door problem, you need a skilled and experienced technician. A garage door is made up of several different parts that move independently. Without the proper knowledge of the inner workings of the door system, repairing can be a nightmare. We provide professional and experienced technicians that have years of experience working with all makes and models and understand exactly how each brand works including the intricate parts.


We in garage door repair Fullerton provide a long list of repairs, which include repairing or replacing:

  • Springs
  • Rollers
  • Hinges Garage door repair Fullerton
  • Cables
  • Tracks
  • Weather stripping
  • Torsion springs conversions
  • Garage door openers


We in Garage Door Repair Fullerton

also provide 24/7 emergency services

The most common Garage Door repairs we see in the Fullerton area include:

Broken springs

and cables – springs and cables both can break after years of usage. Changes in temperature can also damage springs and cables.

Another common problem is that the door has found its way off the track. Once this happens, the door cannot move up or down. It could be something as simple as dirt and debris on the track or a bit more serious with parts that have broken. Whatever the reason, our technician will find and solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

With more than 300 moving parts in your garage door system, you must realize that it is important to keep your door maintained at all times. Our technicians will be able to provide you with a tune up to ensure that all parts are working as they should and that your door will last for years to come.

Openers also break and become worn. We are specialists when it comes to replacing or repairing garage door openers.

Call us today for any garage door repair you need at your home or business.

Garage door repair Fullerton